Marki Microwave expands its portfolio to mmWave with a series of high-performance integrated monitor mixers

Co-packing technique improves mixer performance and reduces design time and footprint

MILAN, September 27, 2022–(COMMERCIAL WIRE)–European Microwave Week – Marki Microwave®, an innovator in the microwave and radio frequency industry for more than 30 years, today announced the expansion of its portfolio to millimeter waves with a series of state-of-the-art mixers incorporating local oscillator (LO) controllers. Ideal for space-constrained applications that require wide bandwidths and millimeter-wave frequency operation, integrated monitor mixers reduce size, weight, power, and cost while simplifying overall system integration.

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Marki Microwave’s versatile wideband dual balanced mixers feature an integrated LO driver amplifier, allowing operation with LO powers as low as -6 dBm. (Graphic: BusinessWire)

“For customers who need the best output in a small footprint with little design effort, our latest integrated monitor mixers are a game changer,” said Duncan Pilgrim, vice president of sales and marketing for Marki Microwave. “The design enables high performance over a wide bandwidth with low control requirements, promising ease of use in a traditionally complex design space. »

The models MM1A-0832HPSM, MM1A-1040HPSM Y MM1A-1855HPSM are versatile, wideband, double-balanced mixers that incorporate an OL driver amplifier, allowing operation at LO powers as low as -6 dBm. Unlike traditional industry solutions using discrete packages, which often have poor performance, the Marki Microwave package uses optimal chip technology for both amplifier and mixer functions. This new technique eliminates the need for a separate amplifier and mixer interface, minimizing design costs without sacrificing performance within the operating bandwidth. The exceptional conversion loss and linearity of the new integrated monitor mixers, combined with their compact size, make these products an ideal solution for high-performance test and measurement, aerospace and defense, telecommunications infrastructure, and satellite device design. .

The MM1A-0832HPSM, MM1A-1040HPSM and MM1A-1855HPSM will be available in October in 3 x 4.6mm QFN packages. Specifications are subject to change without notice. For samples and sales information, contact

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For over 30 years, Marki Microwave has been solving its customers’ most complex problems by creating a robust range of RF and microwave components with exceptional performance. Established in 1991 with the aim of developing the best mixers in the industry, Marki Microwave today has the most capable range of broadband mixers, covering frequencies from 10 MHz to over 130 GHz on chip, surface mount and factored. in a connectorized way. . Marki Microwave is today a single source for high performance broadband microwave products, offering multiple form factors including chip, surface mount and connectorized solutions for the entire RF block diagram. As the demands of the RF and microwave markets continue to evolve and the supply base consolidates, Marki Microwave remains committed to overcoming performance barriers, expanding its portfolio, and enabling the industry to build next-generation systems. For more information visit

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