Lucile (Love is in the meadow) better paid than Jérôme: unexpected revelations about her salary!

Her beautiful story began in 2020, on the set of Love is in the air. Since their meeting in front of the M6 ​​cameras, Jérôme and Lucile have never been apart. And between them, everything was very fast. In two years, the beauty became pregnant with her first child. Thus the adorable little Capucine was born, which made her parents happy. Then, last August, the couple celebrated their long-awaited wedding. In short, the dating show hosted by Karine Le Marchand brought them a new life full of love… and money!

Sunday September 25, 2022, Jérôme and Lucile shared part of their intimacy on the show C-media about France 5. The opportunity for the farmer and his wife to discuss the topic of finances in particular. Because, let us remember, since passing through Love is in the air, Lucile became an influencer. In social networks, he shares part of the day-to-day life of the small family and also makes product placements for which he apparently pockets nice checks. “it has become my job“, she indicates.

Finally, when asked how much this new status brings her in euros, Lucile does not give an exact sum, but she does give some answers. “Our income is separate, Jérôme, he earns his farm income and I get what comes from the influence, but I earn more than Jérôme, that’s for sure“, says the young mother who recently amazed her faithful followers showing off an incredibly slim figure. For his part, Jérôme can only confirm. “A little more…“, he throws himself in front of the camera. And Lucile continues: “No, but surely, in relation to the work you provide and what the influence represents… the farmer should earn more.“For his part, the outfielder accepts the situation.”It’s special but it’s like that, it’s today’s world, we live in a thing where shampoo advertising pays more than selling a kilo of potatoes“, he concludes. A sad observation…

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