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In episode 4 of the series “Les Combattantes”, broadcast tonight on TF1, Mother Agnès indulges in the pleasures of the flesh with the wounded man she saved. Julie de Bona and Alexandre Laurent return to the shooting of these daring scenes.

Warning, this article contains spoilers for episode 4 of the series Les Combattantes, broadcast tonight on TF1! If you don’t want to know anything, don’t keep reading!

Nothing will ever be the same for Mother Agnès in Les Combattantes after episode 4, broadcast tonight at 10pm on TF1.

As war begins to break out in the small town in eastern France where the action takes place, the mother superior of the Saint-Paulin convent, played by Julie de Bona, faces a tragic loss in the first episode of the Series. A drama that little by little shakes her faith in God, even when a naked and mute wounded in war falls into her arms in the middle of the forest. And he sets out, without her knowing it yet, to shatter all her certainties.

In fact, without much surprise, Mother Agnès, who struggles to hide how much this man disturbs her, ended up crossing the line in the fourth episode of Les Combattantes. She devoting herself primarily to solitary pleasures as she thought of the handsome stranger falling into her arms. Then just making love to him in the last few minutes of the episode.

A great challenge for Julie de Bona

“My good sister discovers sexuality. And it was one of the most beautiful scenes of emotion that I have played. I did not expect it”says Julie de Bona when asked about these sequences of nudity and sex that we imagine are not easy to reproduce.

“It was a big challenge for me. I’m very modest, it wasn’t easy. Sex scenes, in general, I don’t do much. I was very apprehensive before filming the masturbation sequence. Especially since we almost shot it on the first day ( laughs). But I trusted the director, Alexandre Laurent, whom I now know well because he had already directed me in Le Secret d’Elise and Le Bazaar de la Charité. I knew he was going to portray this with finesse and modesty. And so it is”.

In order for everything to go as smoothly as possible on set, Julie de Bona and Alexandre Laurent discussed these sequences in detail beforehand and nothing was left to chance. “We talk to Julie a lot. We love each other, she trusts me. The discussion is suddenly easier because we’ve gone beyond the professional level.”explains for his part the director of Les Combattantes, who recently gave us a behind-the-scenes interview on the show.

“Obviously, this kind of sequence is embarrassing. But I was moved, I cried. Not because of the scene itself, but because of the gift that the actress gave us. I was moved to see her perform this scene. It was very moving.” But in the sex scenes nothing is left to chance, we talk to the actress, I always tell her what happens to me, I ask her if it suits her, if she accepts, once I’ve talked to the actress, I tell her to talk about it with the actor. I expose everything to them, so there is no shame.”.

“I’m getting into the technical stuff here, but for example men have shells. The sexes don’t touch.”continues Alexandre Laurent, who directed all eight episodes of Les Combattantes. “Nothing is left to chance. There is no improvisation. Everything is square, everything is planned, like a choreography. It’s fun, there are no excesses. It builds trust, I think. The idea is to tell what is happening, not to show” That’s also why It’s on TF1. We talk about pleasure, the discovery of sexuality, sensuality, enjoyment. We are mostly in one face. The idea was not to make Emmanuelle 12 (laughs).”.


“A great scene of emotion”

Despite any apprehensions she may have had before filming, Julie de Bona did not hesitate to shoot these key sequences of the series, which will upset the fate of Mother Agnès. Without suspecting what these two scenes were going to provoke in her.

“My fears quickly disappeared, because while working on the character I found him extraordinary”admits Julie de Bona, whom we also meet at the moment in the credits of La Maison d’en face on M6. “The sex scene between Mother Agnès and her wounded soldier was wonderful to play. You have to imagine a woman who has never felt human warmth on her body. She has never hugged a man, she has never felt a man’s breath. about her. , she never indulged in the pleasures of the flesh”.

“It is a whole part of her senses that she had annihilated. It is a real find. It’s not like putting on a scene of a teenager discovering sexuality, she has nothing to do with it. There we talk about someone who has no right to that, who has never allowed himself that, and who suddenly has a true revelation. You have to live that before you die (laughs)”.

“I felt something incredible while playing this scene. With this magnificent actor, who was absolutely respectful. This scene was a true choreography. And the awakening to the sexuality of this good sister was magnificent in the game. It is a great scene of emotion that I will remember for a long time”.

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