Laurent Gerra and his ex Mathilde Seigner: this phrase that she has not forgiven him

With Mathilde Seigner and Laurent Gerraon screen tonight in the series the fighters on TF1, the expression “Love lasts three years”, which is also the title of the famous film directed by Frédéric Beigbeder with Gaspard Proust and Louise Bourgoin in 2011, takes on its full meaning. In fact, they had started a relationship in 1998 before ending it in 2001. But more recently, in January 2018, the duo was back in the spotlight. Not because of a movie, series or other project, but because of a statement by the impersonator that had made his ex-girlfriend tremble.

“In 2018 I will be able to take care of all the Gnafron Y Mathilde Seigner drunk driving” If I had thrown in the waves of RTL, while imitating the then Minister of the Interior Gérard Collomb. “I thought it lacked elegance. Also, it wasn’t very fun… but I told him directlyreplied the actress Camping in the columns of Gala. As a reminder, the mother of Louis (born in 2007 from his relationship with cameraman Mathieu Petit) had been arrested a few days earlier, on December 28, 2017, for driving while intoxicated, after a very alcoholic evening in a restaurant. Parisian.

I made a huge mistake

She had crashed through the barrier of the Lycée Henri IV in Paris before being found with 2.2 grams of alcohol in her blood. “I have been afraid. If I ever drive again, I will never get behind the wheel after drinking. I could have run someone over, I could have been hurt, I know I made a big mistake.” he had repented Gala after this turbulent evening and sixteen hours in police custody. She initially risked a two-year prison sentence and a €4,500 fine before finally being sentenced to a suspended three-month prison sentence in February 2018 after pleading guilty.

Note that Laurent Gerra has since rebuilt his life with journalist Christelle Bardet. the a girl named Celestine.

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