Keolis wins the shuttle contract at Mont-Saint-Michel

The market is promising, but it is also at stake for Keolis. The company, also a subsidiary of the SNCF, has just been entrusted with the operation of the ferries, hitherto in deficit, of Mont-Saint-Michel, as we learned on Tuesday in the public constitution of the Mount Saint Michael (EPMSM). This SNCF subsidiary “will be mobilized to ensure the operation and maintenance of the car parks and transport lines serving the Mont-Saint-Michel site, for a period of five years”, according to a press release from the EPSM. This public service delegation (DSP) will come into force on October 14, Thomas Velter, director of the establishment, told AFP. Keolis will thus take over from Transdev, which has been managing these services for thirteen years. The Mont-Saint-Michel shuttles connect the rock with the car park opened in 2012, 2.5 km from La Merveille.

This device has put an end to the parking of thousands of vehicles at the foot of the monument and since then the mount can be surrounded by water during high tides. “The transport service provided by Transdev was deficient because Transdev had carried out important work to develop the parking lot” that was not amortized, said Thomas Velter when questioned on this point by AFP. The EPMSM adds that it must contractually pay Transdev 12 million euros, financed with a loan, to compensate for the years that the carrier lacked to amortize the equipment. The EPMSM is also considering the renewal of the shuttles, (…)

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