Jennifer takes the step and leaves her life before: goodbye Paris…

In 2022, Jennifer turns 40 with a big move. the pretty singer “To the sun“, after 20 years of career, she decided that her future was no longer in Paris, in the capital, but in Corsica, the island of beauty that saw her grow up. Born in Nice, to her mother Christine, who is from the town of Palneca in the south, it was her maternal roots that led him to put all her luggage in the Mediterranean.

Moving to Corsica full time!

According to Closer, who reveals the details of this great leap, Jen has a residence overlooking the Gulf of Ajaccio (the city also chosen by Alizée, to settle with her lover Grégoire Lyonnet). To refocus around her house, “Jenifer sold her Parisian apartment before the start of the school year”Our colleagues tell us, and at the beginning of July he also moved the headquarters of his decoration objects company, Ligati Per Semper, from the Montorgueil neighborhood in Paris to Ajaccio.

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The weekly assures finally that “On Tuesday, November 15, Jenfier will therefore be fully installed on the island that saw her grow up”. Just in time to release her new album, N°9, before embarking on a month and a half French tour in the spring of 2023. Because you should know that from March 3, from Amnéville, in Moselle, Jen will hit the roads from France. , not going through all the Zeniths and especially the AccorHotelsArena stage, on March 18, 2023, (a first). And this, until April 22.

A very tight schedule

A mother of 3 children, she would have enrolled her 8-year-old son, Joseph, (the fruit of her love with actor Thierry Neuvic), in a school in Corsica, says Closer. Her eldest, Aaron, whom she had with Maxime Nucci, is 18 years old, and finally little Ghjuvanni, 1 and a half years old, will stay at home with her father, Ambroise Fieschi, when she goes to meet her audience. Before that, she’ll probably make a detour to the show that made her famous, the star academy, which will be entitled to a tenth season on TF1 next fall. With such a tight schedule, nothing better than living by the sea, to recharge your batteries!


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