Jean-Jacques Goldman: His reaction when he found out that his son was going to participate in Star Academy!

The Château de Dammarie-les-Lys was thought to have closed its doors for good during the last season of star academy. That’s without taking into account the great period of TV nostalgia that would take over the 2020s. For several years now, old shows have been making a comeback and the Star Ac’ it didn’t escape him. It’s official: the show will return on October 15 on TF1, still hosted by flagship presenter Nikos Aliagas. A notable change on the management side: Michael Goldman is named director for this new season.

You heard it right: the producer son of Jean-Jacques Goldman will have in effect the mission of making order reign in the star academy. A choice that could have surprised his famous father, removed from the stage for more discretion, but it is not. On the contrary : “He congratulated me when he found out I was going to do the show. I’m not sure he has television, but Star Ac is one of the few shows that he had done a bit of promotion on, so he remembered it well.Michael Goldman told the Parisian.

If he suspects that the public will scrutinize his every move due to his “son of a” status, Michael Goldman intends to play his role without worrying about the public gaze. He affirms it, it will be nothing other than himself: “With the students and the teachers, we will be in the same boat, we will all win if this program is successful, so that the bonuses are maximum, so that the returns are good. It is our responsibility. I’m going to have an office in the castle… I might bring a chair so I can sleep there if I’m exhausted (laughs).”

His presence on the show has nothing to do with a simple desire to show himself in public: “Since I was a child I have loved the idea of ​​discovering artists. My whole life as a producer has revolved around that. That’s what always attracted me, even as a music lover. […] Discovering a diamond, guiding it or helping it to fruition has always excited me.” What is certain is that Michael is indeed his father’s son.

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