Jean-François trap physically transformed: he lost 30 kilos with a very effective method

The daily life of a chef is far from simple. And then how to spend all this time behind the stove, in the kitchen, without gaining an ounce? Jean-Francois Trap has the secret! In fact, the famous chef also known for having been a member of the jury in The best chef (between the first and the tenth season) lose 30 kilos! Back in this crazy physical transformation that reveals the bottom.

In October 2017, former Philippe Etchebest acolyte Hélène Darroze and Michel Sarran – replaced this past season by chef Glenn Viel – discussed in detail what allowed him to lose that weight. And the least we can say is that he took it very seriously, thus calling the professionals. “I got help from an acupuncturist who is a nutritionist and who put me on a diet. Acupuncture unlocks fat faster and unlocks the fat you need to lose“, had thrown Daphné Bürki’s microphone on the waves of Europe 1.

That’s not all: the lover of the beautiful Elodie with whom he has two children, Antoine (7 years old) and Pia (2 years old), has changed his diet, and in particular his way of cooking. “it was steam and water“, he had indicated, thus banishing all forms of fat from his plate. As for sugar, “Totally forbidden“! A culinary renaissance that has opened many other doors for him, at the same time.”I discovered culinary territories that began to interest me“, he had argued, he who had proposed to the young candidates for The best chefa plate without fat“.

This weight loss changed the life of Jean-François Piège. Both professionally and personally. And this change, he owes above all to his eldest son, Antoine. In fact, it is thanks to him that he gave himself the means to take charge of himself. “Something clicked: I went to play with my son Antoine in his room. It was difficult for me to get up and there I told myself: ‘I have a responsibility with him, if I want to play as I have to play’“, he confided, still on the microphone of Europe 1. Today, the 51-year-old celebrity chef still shows the same slim figure! There is no doubt that he has adopted this diet as a true way of life.

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