“It’s funny, but it doesn’t work”: after the hype, BeReal runs out of users

New social network, which has been very popular in recent months, BeReal is gradually falling into disuse. End of fashion, tired users, little use: can the social network survive?

For a few months, at random times, one notification in particular caught the attention of many people: “BeReal time”. From then on, users of the app only had two minutes to take two photos: a selfie and a headshot. The photos were posted immediately, unedited. Sometimes they were ugly, often blurry. That was exactly the intended goal.

Described as an “anti-Instagram” Thanks to its concept of immediacy, BeReal was a hit in the spring of 2022. Downloaded several million times and turned into a source of memes of all kinds, BeReal was the social network phenomenon of the year, to the point where tik tok released on September 15 TikTok Now, your app clone. However, BeReal is already losing some of its users.

Be real
BeReal has tired its users. // Source: Nino Barbey for Numerama

“Doesn’t add much”

At first, Clémence was quite taken with the idea of ​​BeReal. ” I thought it was nice to bring authenticity back to an app. “, she explains. ” He has a super nice and sincere side, which I loved at first. “. Same story with Nino, for whom the app can be fun: “ At night, where suddenly you can see multiple people pull out their phones at once and go to the app to do their BeReal for the day on time. »

Both started using BeReal in the spring of 2022, when the app was at the center of a small media phenomenon and many observers already imagined it would be a huge success. Above all, BeReal had become a continual source of memes. ” I was curious to understand how it worked and what people liked. Nino says. But, in the end, after a few months of use, it is a disappointment: the app” it’s not very interesting »

BeReal, too unpleasant? // Source: Bereal

What made BeReal so successful is also its biggest problem: there’s only one thing you can do about it. ” Posting the same photo every day from your office is a bit repetitive. “, says Raphaël, registered on the application since the summer of 2021. Although the photos are not taken every day at the same time, in the end many photos look alike, and that is what ended up boring users. In the end, ” it’s fun for two seconds, but it doesn’t add much Clemence concludes.

Just one more app

This is the other big problem with BeReal: we don’t do anything except BeReals, only once a day. Unlike Instagram, where the amount of content between posts is endless, storiesto them real and the it lives, in BeReal, once your photo has been published, and you have looked at those of your friends, there is nothing else to do. ” The lack of app evolution doesn’t help “, Nino cut. “ I think our group of friends lasted 2 or 3 months, and then it was over. Raphael adds.

BeReal only allows 2 minutes to take a photo and post it // Source: BeReal

Not to mention the fact that it often happens that users are late: from the moment they receive notification from BeReal, they only have 2 minutes to post their photos and be on time. An extremely short period of time, making it easy to miss the boat. Thus, Clémence published “ hyper-regularly, only once or twice a week with weeks without “Since you only have to log in once a day, ” you can quickly forget about it, unlike other social networks where there is activity all the time “. Among all the other applications already installed on users’ phones, BeReal does not stand out, in the end, enough.

Today, who remains in the application? ” I didn’t have many friends in that, but no one uses it anymoreindicates Clémence, categorically. “A colleague recently wanted to get involved, but quickly gave up when she saw that she only had me and her ex as a friendship proposal. Others are less pessimistic: there are always people in it, even if the hype has passed explains Nino. Above all, there is a gap between the generations: the millennials left the app, but BeReal continues to attract Gen Z.” Now it is a network of young people, the older ones have left. “, observes Raphaël, whose only friends still active on the platform are his sister and his cousin.

But even if there are a few users left, can BeReal survive? Without a plan to renew, without any real utility, and with competition from TikTok, nothing is less certain. ” I don’t want to stop, because it doesn’t take me long during the day and it can lead to funny situations. Nino says. ” I think if I stop, it will be because eventually I’ll get bored and not do it for one day, then two, then three and finally nothing. »

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