Inflation bonus 2022: why you haven’t received it yet

By Fostine Carracillo

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When will the 2022 inflation bond payments be made? These are the dates communicated by the government.

In a context marked by inflation, the government wanted to launch several aid to support the purchasing power of the French. Among the measures put in place, the payment of the exceptional back-to-school bonus for some households has already begun. Indeed, several families have received €100 since September 15. Parents also receive a supplement of €50 per dependent child. The Castex government voted in favor of the inflation bond in 2021. Then it was referring to 38 million French. In 2022, The Government of Borne renewed this subsidy for 10.8 million households. However, this help worries many people. In fact, several beneficiaries have not yet received it. There is nothing abnormal! The payment date of this premium depends on the situation of your household. The first payment was dedicated to beneficiaries of social minimums and scholarship holders.

payment schedule

Three key dates to remember. If you receive the specific solidarity subsidy or the flat-rate monthly premium, payment is imminent. In fact, the latter will take place on next september 27. Do these situations affect you? You will then have to wait for the mid october. ASPA beneficiaries will receive an exceptional aid of €100 from this period. Finally, mid-November, the beneficiaries of the activity bonus will be able to receive this exceptional bonus. However, the amount will be different from other beneficiaries. This amounts to €28, plus an additional €14 per dependent child. To benefit from more details, you can contact Pôle Emploi or CAF depending on your situation.

Specific payment dates for your back to school bonus

This very specific calendar is not the only element that comes into play in the payment terms of financial aid. Indeed, there may also be an additional delay depending on your bank. Also, no action is required on your part. the inflation bond is emergency food aid and therefore refers to households with modest or very low incomes. They are, therefore, beneficiaries of social minimums or housing aid. For the payment of this bonus, the reference tax income is not taken into account. In addition to this help, the authorities have voted other measures to fight against the rise in prices in stores and at the pump. The government is also committed to the energy issue. It announced that it would keep the tariff shield in place from the end of 2021. This limits the increase in electricity bills to 4% and freezes gas prices at their October 2021 level. The government has extended the scheme until the end of 2022.

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