“I was a public danger”: the confessions of the chemist who manufactured synthetic drugs in Montpellier

Eder Boesch, 35, nicknamed “The Doctor” in the midst of “chemsex” addicts, has been in jail since 2021, for having tried to manufacture drugs in his apartment, not far from the central police station.

He has been in prison for almost a year and is at risk of going through the criminal courts. His crime of her? Having manufactured, according to the police, synthetic drugs in a craft laboratory installed in the kitchen of his apartment, located very close to the Montpellier police station. Crystal Meth, MDMA, 3MCC, products particularly popular in certain gay environment, chemsex followerthese group orgies between addicts to these powders and pills with powerful effects.

Relentless consumption during confinement

“I realize that it was extremely dangerous, for myself and for others. It could have been dramatic, I only thought about products day and night. During the confinement, I felt completely isolated from the world, and I unraveled in relentless consumption” explains Eder Boesch, 35, before the Montpellier Court of Appeal, which must decide his legal fate. The liberties judge decided to release him, but the prosecution is opposed.

Red match and pure kerosene

seen to have ordered Chemicals, On behalf of a company that was no longer in business, and with a telephone line declared in the name of Brigitte Macron, this scientist, a very good student, who did two years of medicine before choosing the orthopedic profession, had seen great: sulfuric acid, methylene chloride, ether, red phosphorus and pure kerosene.

For the researchers, their goal was economic: “He explains that he makes 3MCC at €3 per gram, to resell it at €20, which is still a good turnaround” emphasizes the president. Eder Boesch admitted that he wanted to manufacture and sell “wholesale and retail”, and that he was looking for a larger room for his laboratory. “We are not in a small experiment in a kitchen corner, but on a larger scale.”

Your client says he was close to death.

Eder Boesch acknowledges this: “The laboratory was related to a creepy idea, to create methamphetamine, the gram of which costs €100. I was on the run, I hurt those around me, my family, my spouse.” The investigation tries to determine what he really produced: one of his clients, to whom he offered “a chemical tonic” told the police that he “experienced an ordeal and has been close to death”;

Flourishing criminal activity, prison sentence incurred “very important” : the prosecution opposes his release. “We are talking about a doctor, but he is a sorcerer’s apprentice who has come to nothing” Florine Datessen, her lawyer, replies.

“I lost everything and I did not win anything with this drug sale” Eder Boesch insists. “Today I don’t want drugs anymore. I was a public danger, I am not anymore.”he swears Without convincing the judges: the chemist is still in prison.

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