“I don’t make a good living”

Guest of the 50 ‘inside program on Saturday, September 24, 2022, Amel Bent confided in her family life but also in her work. According to her words, she doesn’t make a living as well as she seems…

It was the moment of confidence for Amel Bent. Guest of the program 50 ‘inside on Saturday, September 24, 2022, the singer gave herself like never before. She, who is usually very discreet, has agreed to let Nikos Aliagas portray her. Family life but also professional, Amel Bent has said it all. From the beginning of her interview aired on TF1, she went back to the time of her 20th birthday, when she won her first Revelation of the Year for her title “Aim for the Moon”. And if on the surface everything was fine, in private it was more complicated to handle. She, who still lived with her mother, had to assume everything. “The people who live next to you, who sleep in the next room, don’t know what you’re going through. You don’t tell them anything. Because I also become a pillar in my home. I’m not doing very well, record sales, things. Suddenly, she starts to play, ‘But how are we going to do it at home, the credit, it’s Amel who handles everything. If she, she falls, we fall with her'”she explains.

A situation that has not changed since Amel Bent has always carried on her shoulders, since she was 20 years old, the weight of her family and the role of head of the family. “It was while I was crying that I told them: ‘I’m not as strong as you think, I’m scared. Sometimes I don’t make a living as well as they think.’ Sometimes for two years there is nothing. (…)

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VIDEO – Amel Bent’s minute

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