How to take care of yourself at home?

indicates SPF in its bulletin of September 22.

regardless of their vaccination status, are not it is no longer necessary to observe the insulation. However, they should always apply barrier gestures, in particular wearing a mask indoors and outdoors, limit their contact, especially with fragile people, and telework as much as possible.

A 7 days of isolation it must be respected if one is positive (10 days if one is not vaccinated).

If you have tested positive, stay home until recovery (disappearance of symptoms). Although, in the case of the BA.5 variant, the symptoms last longer and are sometimes stronger.

In the vast majority of cases (80%), being positive for covid-19 is not serious, and does not induce hospitalization, patients recover in a few days at home. The recommendations of the Ministry of Health are as follows:

  • In case of cough, fever, you should stay confined and avoid contact.

  • vour children and husband should also be limited.

  • If necessary, call your doctor or pharmacist for an opinion tailored to the situation or make a teleconsultation.

Covid-19: how to treat yourself at home?

currently there no specific treatment against SARS-CoV-2 infection. Treatment is symptomatic. Therefore, it is about limiting unpleasant symptoms, such as fever, sore throat, in particular. For that, there is only one thing to do (…)


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