How to enable or disable comments on YouTube?

Insults, inappropriate comments, here’s how to turn comments on or off on your YouTube videos.

How to enable or disable comments on YouTube?

If you are youtubers, surely you know that the comments are not always favorable for you. Whether it’s to encourage people to watch your videos, to protect them, or to protect your other followersYouTube allows you Disable Comments. You also have the option to activate the comment verification option to delete or validate comments before they are published. But then how do you do it? Discover!

How to set default comment settings for your YouTube videos

You have the option to choose the default settings for the comments on your YouTube videos. Either you deactivate them from the beginning or you activate them under conditions. This way you will have the possibility to control everything that is said under each video that you upload to the platform. That’s why :

  • See you in your copy youtube studio ;
  • In the left column of your screen, choose settings ;
  • Click on Community in the new window that appears;
  • Go ahead Default configuration ;
  • Go to Comments on your channel.

There, you can choose what suits you best among the 4 options, namely: allow all comments, Review potentially inappropriate comments before posting them., Check all comments before posting, Disable Comments.

How to set default comment settings for your YouTube videos

Once you choose an option, it applies to all the videos you’ve posted and those that will come on your channel. The same is true for future comments. This will help you avoid inappropriate comments under your videos.

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How to enable or disable comments on a video already published on YouTube

Instead of change default settings comments, you can decide to take action on a single video on your channel. For this, the approach will not be the same as in the previous option.

That’s why :

  • Login to your account youtube studio ;
  • In the left column of the screen, go to the tab Contents ;
  • Identify the target video and click on it;
  • on the tab Details of the video, scroll to Plus and click on it;
  • Within Comments and reviews, you must choose between the 4 previous options. Either you allow comments or ask to review them before publication.
  • Once you have made your choice, click to register.

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How do I enable or disable comments on multiple YouTube videos?

The steps listed below help you disable, enable, or allow reviewable comments on your Youtube videos.

  • meet at youtube studio ;
  • Click on the section Contents ;
  • There, choose the videos for which you want to modify the comments;
  • In the bar that appears, click Edit and choose Comments ;

You should see all 4 options that apply to comments. Choose the one that suits you best and click Edit videos to save the changes. These only refer to the videos you have selected.

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