household appliances too often mislabeled

A study carried out in 2021 in more than 329 points of sale of household appliances allowed the DGCCRF to make an alarming observation, reports West-France. In fact, according to the study, more than half of appliances are mislabeled. Manufacturers, wholesalers or even retailers stand out. The organization’s goal was to verify whether the information on energy consumption and the useful life of household appliances was accurate.

The DGCCRF reveals that at the level of energy consumption, “we are currently in a transition phase” as European labels are gradually replacing French labels. These new ratings are less flattering, because they start at A and end at G. However, the previous ones started at A+++. This meant that an A+ labeled device could look cheap when it was two floors below the best rating. Some brands and businesses have chosen to keep the old way of labeling. To reprimand the bad markers, 12 fines were issued, 50 amparos and 135 reprimands were issued.

Found another recurring error. Very often, a full product information sheet is missing from the label. However, the customer must be able to consult it at the time of purchase. If the latter is not completed, the consumer has the possibility to consult it (…)

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