Here’s why you should be careful with herbal slimming teas and senna-based food supplements

the Food Complements they are not trivial products. They are certainly appreciated for their natural side. “After all, they are just plants,” says the consumer. Yes but no. The Medicines Agency and ANSES communicate periodically to explain that it is necessary to be attentive to these products that can be purchased outside pharmacies, or even online, even if they are associated with dosage conditions.

A new incident proves it once again. After drinking a large cup of tea that is sold as a slimming product and contains sen – a plant known for its laxative effects – before going to bed, this magazine reader 60 million consumers I woke up with terrible stomach cramps. “Then I had diarrhea and stomach pains until the next night.”he tells the magazine.

the fault of hydroxyanthracene derivatives (HAD), substances naturally present in certain plants (senna leaves and fruits, aloe vera leaves, rhubarb root, etc.) that have powerful laxative and purgative properties. “It is a medicinal plant with marked pharmacological action and traditionally used as a medicine of the stimulant laxative class.warned Sylvie Michel, member of the National Academy of Pharmacy and author of a report warning about the use of this plant in (…)


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