Here is the ranking of the best airlines in the world, Air France well placed

The ranking published by Skytrax since 1999 has become a true institution in the world of aviation. Sometimes Feared, Sometimes Expected, ranks the world’s top ten airlines based on various criteria, Le Figaro explains. More than 14 million users were questioned about the quality of the flight, the quality of the services offered and the experience before and after the trip. A category had been added and it referred to the measures taken by companies in the fight against Covid. Apart from this ranking, on Friday, September 23, a ceremony took place in London in which the title of best airline of 2022 was awarded to qatar airways company. This is the seventh time that the Qatari company has been crowned, after 2011, 2012, 2015, 2017, 2019 and 2021. The company’s fleet is made up of 200 aircraft that travel the five continents and reach 150 commercial destinations. Second in the ranking is Singapore Airlines, then Emirates completes the podium.

The good surprise of this ranking comes from the position of Air France. The French company is in the top 10 internationally, occupying eighth place. It is also on the podium of European companies, ranking second, only behind Turkish airlines. The French company is the first in Western Europe. Air France’s good ranking is explained in particular by taking into account the following criteria: it is one of the “best (…)

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