“He scared me for 24 hours”: subscribers shocked and fascinated by the Netflix series about Jeffrey Dahmer

Fall is here, which means Halloween is about to return. That’s good, if you’re looking for something to watch to get you in the mood and freak out on your couch like never before, Netflix has just released a new miniseries in its catalogue: Dahmer – Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story.

A true story that scares and infuriates

In the program of this fiction with a title that is too long? Co-created by Ryan Murphy (american horror story) and used by Evan Peters, follows the story of the terrible serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer, convicted by the courts in 1991 for 17 murders. This killer is notably famous for having committed acts of rape, necrophilia, and even cannibalism on his victims.

A personality as dark as it is terrifying that Ryan Murphy and his team stand out perfectly on screen thanks to the point of view of his victims who find a central place in this story. At once violent and bloody, sadistic and raw, the series hides nothing of the monster that Jeffrey Dahmer was, but also the problems generated by an unequal and racist society, and plunges us into a nightmarish universe from which no one emerges unscathed. Yes, it is impossible not to check several times if our door is properly closed, or check that there really is nothing under our bed after such a viewing, just as it is difficult not to get angry at the consequences of white privilegeGuilty of so many shattered lives.

Netflix subscribers on PLS

An intense and terrifying experience that is rightly mentioned and praised on social networks. Where Netflix had been able to disappoint its subscribers in recent months with sometimes underwhelming options (push cancellation of First murder for example), the streaming platform finally managed to get everyone to agree with this original creation again.

Dahmer’s series on Netflix is ​​a success. Beyond the murderous chronicle, the series relentlessly dissects how institutions and systemic racism protected a serial killer. chilling and masterful” we can read on Twitter, like “I must talk about the fact that I have read thousands of articles / seen hundreds of photos of the Dahmer affair in my life and that 3 episodes of the series screwed me for 24 hours.“, “The Dahmer miniseries is a master class. Unhealthy and powerful from the first to the last episode.” either “The interest of Dahmer, the umpteenth series about a serial killer, and beyond its David Fincher-like production, is to point out the persistent racism and incompetence of institutions even in the American 90s, with the aura of fascination that these monsters provide“.

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