“He didn’t penetrate me but…”

This is another facet of the heroine of the series “Captain Marleau” that fans discovered this week, listening to the moving testimony of Corinne Masiero, in the documentary “Incest, say it and listen to itThe actress, now 58, revealed that she was a victim of the actions of her cousin, 10 years older than her, when she was a child.

“He didn’t penetrate me but he penetrated my soul

He was between 8 and 13 years old when the events occurred, and he explains that he was “incestuous” a tv magazine. And to add: “He didn’t penetrate me but he penetrated my soulAfter that, Corinne Masiero admits it was the blackout and she didn’t think about it for years. To our colleagues, she assures: “defense mechanisms are put in us to protect ourselves, the brain makes sure that we hide things so as not to go crazy, and they reappear when we are able to hear them”.

During this time, the one who, for a time, was homeless, fell into “self destruction”with drugs, prostitution”, she says. A way to deny yourself andno longer exists“, she also says. It was the therapy that helped her see things more clearly, she says.”At some point, too, we feel the need to scratch to pierce the pocket of pus.“, illustrates before admitting that he had followed several therapies, and that he began a psychoanalysis, a year ago.

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If today, Corinne Masiero granted interviews to many media to ensure the promotion of this documentary in which she participated, it is because she wants the fight against incest to become a national cause. In the magazine columns she asks that the “the government releases funds to educate, protect children, break taboos, welcome victims, establish structures to deal with aggressors“.

“The institutions must avoid it”

She claims: “The institutions must avoid it, especially since all the disasters that it entails have economic consequences: when you immerse yourself in drugs or another… And then, humanly, how to build a society in that swamp?he finally asks.


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