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Discover the detailed summary of Tomorrow Belongs to Us in advance Season 6 of Episode 1281 broadcast on Monday, September 26, 2022 on TF1. Sylvain’s secrecy worries Christelle. Dan is in jail. Benjamin is not better, he must be operated on. Alma’s son Hadrien is back in Sète.

The complete summary of the telenovela ADN of the episode in advance of 09/26/2022. Find #TomorrowWeBelong spoilers in the preview, everything you need to know about the episode.

Hadrian's DNA

Adriano does not dare to speak
to his mother Alma / TF1 screenshot by nouveautes-tele.com

Find the full summary of Tomorrow belongs to us episode 1281 broadcast on TF1 on Monday 26th September 2022 (see summaries before tomorrow belongs to us ): the summary of the previous episode Tomorrow belongs to us from 09/23/2022 It is online. News-Tele.com gives you the full summary below:

Martin has confirmation that it was not Dan Mazure who shot Dr. Benjamin Ventura. The gun found in his home doesn’t match and he has an alibi at the time of the assault.

Leo gets down at breakfast, Damien and Audrey try to cheer him up. Was Mathis’ father violent like Stanislas? Audrey explains that they are two very different men. Dan was simply overcome with fear of losing custody of Mathis. Audrey confirms to Leo that he can still be a friend.

Sylvain leaves the hotel room early in a nice suit. He tells Christelle that he has an appointment for a new job. Sylvain leaves in a hurry and is left vague with Christelle.

Noor mentors Gabriel on his first day of internship. She discovers that she has put on too much perfume and advises him to undo a button on his shirt.
Gabriel will manage the tasks of the legal secretary.
Raphaëlle has a visitor this afternoon, she offers Gabriel to come: it will be her baptism of fire.

Sylvain's DNA

Sylvain and Alex in trust mode / TF1 screenshot from nouvelles-tele.com

Christelle confides in Charlie, fearing that Sylvain is cheating on him. She is always smiling and gets text messages all the time. Charlie tries to reassure Christelle, she is convinced that she is the only woman Sylvain cares about.

Mathieu was supposed to go on a mission, but found out about Benjamin’s accident and stayed in Sète. Mathieu asks Alma for news of Benjamin.
Immediately afterwards, Sara informs Alma that protection will be placed in front of Benjamín’s room because the person responsible has not been arrested.

Christelle tomorrow belongs to us

Christelle gives Alex a soap / TF1 screenshot from nouvelletes-tele.com

Gabriel and Raphaëlle see Dan Mazure in the visiting room: he asks to be released from prison because he is going to die there. Dan explains that he can’t sleep. Raphaëlle tells him that she has to wait because she won’t be able to get him out of jail right away. Raphaëlle tells her that she must fight for Mathis.

It was a woman who called the emergency services for Benjamin’s attack. Damien goes to study the audio tape of the call to see what he can get out of it.

Sarah DNA

Sara and her colleagues move slowly / TF1 screenshot from nouveautes-tele.com

Karim and Georges analyze a surveillance video of the parking lot where Benjamin was attacked. They see an injured man get into a car belonging to Etienne Curtis.

Etienne is questioned by Nordine and Karim: he says that the man was in his thirties with a hand injury from a scooter accident.

Christelle comes to get oysters at the farm, she asks Alex to find out what Sylvain is hiding. Christelle is upset that Alex is covering for him due to male solidarity.

Matthew DNA

Adrien Malvoisin plays Matthieu Turcan, Alma and Benjamin’s former colleague on a humanitarian mission / TF1 screenshot from nouveautes-tele.com

Gabriel has reread all the minutes of Dan Mazure, he has detected a procedural defect in the police custody, but Raphaëlle tells him that the police custody has been extended. He apologizes, he was convinced that he had found a fault.

Sylvain reminds Alex of his experience. Alex says that he needs to talk to Christelle because he thinks he is cheating on her. Sylvain wants to surprise Christelle… it’s a house.

Noor tomorrow belongs to us

Noor and Gabriel accomplices as friends / TF1 screenshot by nouveautes-tele.com

Tomorrow belongs to us in advance episode 1281 of September 26, 2022: Will they make an embarrassing witness?

Sara obtained testimony from the pharmacist who was visited by the man in the purple sweatshirt and who boarded Etienne’s ride. It was a gunshot wound.

Benjamin has to have surgery, Marianne tells Alma that it is a major operation. There is a risk that the bleeding may not be stopped.

Hadrien is in the hospital behind ALma, he is the one with the purple sweater (with blood on the sleeve). When he sees a policeman in the hospital corridor, he leaves without saying a word to Alma, his mother.

Martin DNA

Sebastien is angry that Ventura’s culprit was not searched for earlier with the errors in the screenshot of Dan / TF1 by nouveautes-tele.com

Tomorrow’s Highlights Belong to Us Starting September 26, 2022: What to Remember

– Dan Mazure not linked to Benjamin’s assault
– Dr. Ventura needs surgery because his condition is not improving
– Hadrian returns and looks complicated
– The beginning of Gabriel’s practices is intense
– Christelle thinks Sylvain is cheating on her, in fact she has found a house

The opinion of Nouvelletes-Télé.com

the +

  • Sylvain and Alex’s friendship is beautiful (it reminds me a bit of Bilal’s, who disappeared overnight… the actor Atmen Kélif had a lot of problems with the law but we could have had an explanation for his departure or simply replace the actor because Bilal is still Soraya and Noor’s father)
  • Hadrien’s back, excellent news… but he’s afraid of the police. What is he hiding?
  • Gabriel apprentice, we validate!! He needs a lover now ^^


  • Christelle and Sylvain a bit redundant with their disputes… hope for new (real) adventures for the Morenos

main cast

Ingrid Chauvin, Alexandre Brasseur, Maud Baecker, Samy Gharbi, Solène Hebert, Hector Langevin, Franck Monsigny

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