Guillaume (Love is in the Meadow) unable to send his suitor home, cult scene!

At the end of their speed dating, William He decided to invite two young people to his house for a few days. There are naomi28 years old and from Nord-pas-de-Calais for whom he had “a big crush“At the time of meeting him. The magic had also worked with Margot, only 22 years old. If he is very young, he already shows great maturity and has the advantage of knowing the agricultural environment well.

Also being from the north of France, it’s quite natural that he would make the drive to Guillaume’s house with his rival Noémie. An unprecedented event in the history of Love is in the air. This has also somewhat disconcerted the farmer who fears that his fledgling complicity will be a brake on a possible rapprochement attempt. But not everything is so rosy between the two contenders. Noémie, shy and reserved, soon noticed that Margot monopolized the conversations. However, it is for her that Guillaume has a preference. “Noémie works a little harder for me and I try to avoid her gaze as much as possible because that works for me too, her eyes the same… We look for each other and that’s where we feel that there is something. Margot, I think it’s going to be a bride. I’m not someone who wants to hurt people but it will have to be done“, he trusted.

Determined to get Margot fired quickly, he decided to spend some time with her. But the situation turned out to be very delicate and Guillaume did not dare to reveal the depth of his thoughts. Instead, he told her about the difficulty of his job. “Can you support me?“, he asked. A question to which Margot answered affirmatively: “You know I come from the middle and I’m ready for it. It’s a world that doesn’t scare me at all, on the contrary“After this conversation, Margot still saw herself in the race and the situation was worse than at the beginning.”Guillaume asked questions about life as a couple, I think he needed me to reassure him and I think I had the right words, he didn’t seem unhappy.“, estimated.

Therefore, Karine Le Marchand intervened by calling Guillaume to motivate him to say things once and for all. “Anyway, the pain is going to do. The goal is for you to be with someone you like. If it is Noémie, you tell her and explain that you are not used to discovering yourself, that she is not your character but that you want to continue with her, that she is your favorite“, she advised him.”I take the bull by the horns and off we go“The candidate then replied, determined. Let’s see if this time it really comes…

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