Guillaume l’Auvergnat (Love is in the meadow) tells an anecdote about filming

Guillaume, the Auvergnat farmer from Love is in the meadow season 17, reveals the production’s little warning during the filming of the show on his farm.

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Silence turns! the adventure Love is in the air always creates a bit of a stir in the lives of farmers. Emotional, of course, in the hope of finally finding true love, but also in terms of organization, when the production teams of the program arrive at their homes. That’s not William Who will say otherwise? Auvergnat, 34, who was fell in love with tom during his speed dating, he is a suckler cow breeder but also the owner of the Domaine de la Ganne, an educational farm where he grows up a multitude of animals: 300 animals of forty different breeds.

A small notice at the entrance of the farm

If Guillaume usually likes to receive young and old to make them discover his vast animal park, near Montluçon in the Allier, he was forced to warn his clients of the presence of the cameras in his hundred-hectare domain. He explained it in a post on Instagram this Sunday, September 25. The candidate of the program presented by Karine Le Marchand She remembers the arrival of her suitors at her house last May…”Beginning of life on the farm with the reception of my two suitors. To warn visitors of the possibility of being filmed, the production had put up a small warning at the entrance to the estate.“, revealed, support photo!

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“Shooting in progress!”

In the photo posted by Guillaume, we can see the entrance to his educational farm. Next to the large sign that indicates the opening hours and the prices of its visits, there is a chair decorated with flowers and a metal jug of milk in which a large logo is displayed. Love is in the air. The message warns:Shooting in progress! If you don’t want to be filmed, avoid this area.“, we can read. The production also reports that it is Prohibited to take photos or videos. of filming The objective is that no image that could spoil the argument of the program is filtered on social networks before the broadcast.

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