Guillaume Canet in the midst of the tumult, Internet users fall on him and he is violent!

Guillaume Canet is one of the key figures in French cinema. In the 7th art he stood out as an actor and director. “Every time we start a movie again, we go into a trance. And then it is not all the time in pain. There are wonderful moments in the balance that balance the difficult moments”,analyzed for Allo Ciné. “If it was just pain, you would have to be totally masochistic. There is a percentage of illusion, joy, satisfaction, much greater than the pain of doing it”. Versatility does not scare him, quite the opposite!

In recent years, the happy father of two children has captivated his fans in countless ways. His latest production will be released in 2023 Asterix and Obelix: The Middle Kingdom. If you put it in a box, Guillaume Canet camping heroes Gaulois also gave the answer to Gilles Lellouche (Obelix). For this beautiful project, the main interested party has put the small plates in the big ones as for the casting.

“The role belongs to Monica Bellucci”

Indeed, Vincent Cassel lends his features to the essential Julius Caesar. Also in the game are José García, Angèle, Orelsan, Jonathan Cohen and Zlatan Ibrahimovic. In the same way as Marion Cotillard with whom he has shared his life for several years. On the screen, the actress plays Cleopatra. On the Web, the movie’s teaser had the merit of unleashing passions. Nostalgic, some Twitter users could not help but compare this achievement with the work of Alain Chabat Asterix and Obelix: Cleopatra Mission (2002).

For them, Marion Cotillard can never match the performance of Monica Bellucci, who played the Queen of Egypt in the past. “We went to the magnificent Monica Bellucci in that…”, “The role belongs to Monica Bellucci”, “The real controversy to launch is that Cleopatra should always be played by Monica Bellucci POINT BARRE”, “I have nothing against Marion Cotillard but for me the only real Cleopatra in Asterix and Obelix is ​​and will continue to be Monica Bellucci”. Whether the main stakeholder will react to the bad rumors remains to be seen!


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