French Days 2022: this essential for your Nintendo Switch benefits from a great discount

news good plan French Days 2022: this essential for your Nintendo Switch benefits from a great discount

The Nintendo Switch is a console that, thanks to its popularity, benefits from endless accessories, sometimes quite essential, that are there to expand the possibilities of the console. Today, thanks to French Days 2022, you will be able to take advantage of great promotions.

€43 discount during the French Days on the special Nintendo Switch Micro SD card

Whether you have a Nintendo Switch, its Lite version, or even the latest OLED version, your storage space is limited to 32 or at best 64 GB. A very limited space for a console that wants to be nomadic and whose games we want to be able to transport easily.

Buy the Nintendo MicroSD for €50 on Amazon

So Nintendo decided, in partnership with SanDisk, to launch Micro SD cards, dedicated to Nintendo Switch. In its 256 GB version, this card is usually sold at €93. However, French Days 2022 is an opportunity for Amazon to offer a €43 discount. So you can take advantage of this Micro SD card for €50.

MicroSD SanDisk 256 GB: the best of your games on a single card

If Nintendo Switch still offers most of its games in cartridge format, the dematerialized era is now in full swing and many players choose this storage medium over cartridges. Also, many of the available games are only accessible through the Nintendo eShop and therefore, it requires free storage space.

French Days 2022: this essential for your Nintendo Switch benefits from a great discount

As a result, the Nintendo console very quickly shows its limits in terms of storage and that is why the Micro SD quickly becomes essential. By partnering with Sandisk, Nintendo has chosen one of the leaders in the Micro SD market. This 256 GB version offers performance fully adapted to video games since it has a read speed of 100 MB per second. On the writing side, it is slightly less since we are at 90 MB per second.

To mark the occasion, Nintendo and Sandisk have chosen to offer a visual theme reminiscent of the Nintendo universe from the card features Mario’s star all in a yellow that evokes the universe itself. This little quirk is purely cosmetic and probably just serves to set it apart from other cards you might have in your home.

Obviously, keep in mind that although it is signed by Nintendo, this Micro SD card can find its place in any compatible device that needs additional storage.

Buy the Nintendo MicroSD for €50 on Amazon

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