French Days 2022: for €89 give your PC a second life with this SSD!

news good plan French Days 2022: for €89 give your PC a second life with this SSD!

Cdiscount often offers the best hardware and high technology at prices that often defy all competition, and this is the case here! The WD SN570 NVMe Internal Solid State Drive is available at one of the lowest prices on the market at the end of French Days.

WD SN570 NVMe Internal SSD at Lowest Price on Cdiscount

External hard drive yes, to store more than 20 TB of data and take it as an external device to your PC, but for those who want to push the performance of their PC, We can never recommend the internal NVMe SSD highly enough!

If they can still be very useful for large backups, especially for companies, HDDs no longer have much room in gaming machines, which are too heavy and above all too slow. Most of the new games coming out now require to be installed on an SSD so as not to spoil the fun and gaming experience with too long loading times.

Although it was available since last October at around 140 euros, the WD Blue SN570 NVMe SSD has dropped in price over the months, and is currently at €89 in Cdiscount for the end of the French Days!

Buy Blue SN570 at €89 on Cdiscount

A boost for your computer, this is this 1 TB NVMe SSD

It was a far behind competitor to Samsung or Crucial in the NVMe SSD market at one point, no doubt due to some reluctance at first. But the famous manufacturer Western Digital (WD) has since raised its level to catch up with the two monsters. Two ranges are currently the pride of the brand, the “Black SN” models and in particular the famous WD_Black SN850 commonly cited as the perfect SSD for the PS5, drives with incredible performance but at a price that is often said to be too high.

The other more accessible and ultra-compatible range to integrate a PC is the famous “Blue” series and its bright blue SSDs. If we are familiar with the SN550 that we regularly offer you in good deals on the site, its little brother, the SN570, sneaked out a few weeks ago and offers a clear improvement compared to its predecessor.

Still in M.2 PCI Express 3.0 format, so it is a so-called SSD Gen 3 and which is therefore not compatible with the PS5. Where the SN550 maxed out at 2400MB/s read and 1950MB/s write, the SN570 is capable of 3500MB/s read and 3000MB/s write. Considerable progress for even shorter loading times.

Buy Blue SN570 at €89 on Cdiscount

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