Former Jean-Pierre Pernaut prankster changes files, Nathalie Marquay furious

Jacques Legros surprised more than one. in his book Behind the screen: 40 years in the heart of the media, the TF1 journalist gives it his all when he talks about his relationship with Jean-Pierre Pernaut. “Having been his prankster for 24 years without a single editorial disagreement is a source of pride. But I know you were eager to comment on my diary. He never spoke to me directly. Publishers have always known how to avoid susceptibilities. Except once…” Indeed, while Jean-Pierre Pernaut was battling the disease, the TF1 teams had decided to install it at home.

Jacques Legros says in his book: “So we had installed an automatic mini-studio in his house. But he wanted to stay in the limelight and asked the team for more than was necessary. For my part, he never knew what he was going to talk about. to share. He wanted more and more to take control of the entire newspaper. It was starting to boil inside, until the day I ran away, gathered my things and started back to the parking lot and my car. confess before continuing: “Since he wanted to do the newspaper for me, let him come and do it! Later I found out that with this mini-study at home, it was not the Chronicle of an Inmate that I intended to do, but the entire newspaper, his love, his passion, his thing, his life. I’m back, of course…”

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