Foot PSG – PSG: Barça pushes Lionel Messi to divorce

Still marked by the conditions of Lionel Messi’s departure, the president of FC Barcelona Joan Laporta hopes to recover the Argentine. But the task promises to be difficult for the Catalan club, given the financial and sporting problems of the Paris Saint-Germain striker.

Everyone knows Joan Laporta’s position on the subject. The president of FC Barcelona, ​​​​who had pushed Lionel Messi towards the exit in the summer of 2021, bitterly regrets the conditions of this exit. At the time, the leader had reached an agreement with the Argentine for an extension, before announcing at the last moment that he had to leave for financial reasons. That is why Joan Laporta evokes a ” moral debt towards the midfielder paris st germain which he hopes to recover before the end of his career.

However, there is no contact according to Lionel Messi’s entourage. But the Mundo Deportivo newspaper confirms Barça’s intentions. The Catalan club is currently studying the return of the legend through various scenarios. The Blaugrana, for example, are considering a major tribute to Camp Nou, as well as club ambassador status for Lionel Messi. Or a simple return to the squad knowing that his contract expires next June. El Pulga would still have to be convinced that Barça would be attracted by a return, especially under Xavi’s orders.

Barça and Messi reconcile on the back of PSG

There is also an economic problem, with the need for Lionel Messi to accept a very low salary, but there is also a sporting one, given that the Spanish coach should find him a place in the eleven, or make him accept substitute status. At the moment, the Parisian, also requested an extension, would only be focused on his season and the World Cup with the Albiceleste. But according to MD sources, theRelations between Barça and the Lionel Messi clan would no longer be so tense. And the return of the seven-time Ballon d’Or, although complicated, is not a hypothesis to rule out, which PSG must watch out of the corner of its eye.

Because for a few months we have known that the French champions are seriously considering staying with Lionel Messi for one more season, having provided a clause in this regard when he signed in 2021 without knowing the precise details. First of all, he is seven times Ballon d’Or and only he can activate this clause, as was the case with Neymar who unilaterally extended a season at Paris Saint-Germain last June without Nasser Al-Khelaifi being able to oppose. Leo Messi has all the cards in his hands, and only he knows what will happen in 2023 in Paris, Barcelona… or wherever.

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