Foot OL – Heatstroke in OL, Peter Bosz sweating – Olympique Lyonnais

Anger simmers on the side of Rayan Cherki, who takes advantage of his good exposure with the French Espoirs to send a small missile to his OL coach, Peter Bosz.

Peter Bosz is warned, despite his ultimate goal of a Ligue 1 podium finish, a point will be made during the autumn break with the World Cup. The objective will be to know if theOL He is on the right track and can meet that goal of returning to the European Cup, and through the front door. The results will matter a lot, but other points come into play. And on that subject, the pressure on the use of Rayan Cherki is mounting. If he appreciates the dribbling and creative qualities of the Lyon nugget, the Dutch manager is clearly very measured in taking advantage of him. He fails to find a place for her, and he never questions her from the beginning.

Cherki’s impatience in OL

Being a joker used from time to time does not please the international hopefuls, who once again enjoyed this Monday afternoon with the Bleuets, and took the opportunity to remind Peter Bosz that he is in very good form. After his double assists, Rayan Cherki spoke. “ I have to manage to do these things in 90 minutes, I hope that at the club I can do the same. I tell myself that my time will come sooner or later. I am patient, although I like to feel impatience. But I don’t think he considers me a joker because I work every day and in my tickets I try to show that I can contribute a lot to the collective of my club. Do you think you can count on me right now? (Smile) I don’t know, it’s up to the coach to make me feel that. Afterwards, it is clear that I am trying to give my best, whether at club or national level, to claim a starting place and show that I have my place.”, pronounced the OL midfielder, who nevertheless hints that his patience has limits. If he recently extended at the club, he also knows that at 19 he doesn’t plan on spending a second season on the bench with a few minutes of playing time each week. The message arrived, at a time when Lyon’s offensive animation was not the most convincing.

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