FFF: morality issues, Pogba, Hamraoui… Sports Minister comes out of the woods

Due to explosive news, Amlie Ouda-Casta was forced out of the woods this Friday. Morale issues in the FFF, Pogba and Hamraoui cases, the Sports Minister responded to all issues.

FFF: morality issues, Pogba, Hamraoui... Sports Minister comes out of the woods

Amlie Ouda-Cestra wants the FFF to hit hard.

Amlie Ouda-Casta has a lot of work ahead of her. Only four months after taking office, the Sports Minister has to deal with many sordid matters that very seriously tarnish the image of French football. Present on the set of BFM TV, the former tennis player referred in particular to moral issues within the French Football Federation.

The Grat Has Been Warned

I spoke with Nol Le Grat and Florence Hardouin to try to get their own perspectives. The executive committee of the FFF has filed a complaint against some of these facts reported in So Foot. I diligently audited. The mission letter is being finalized. This mission will be carried out with the necessary precision. I insisted on absolute respect for people, fight against all forms of violence, sexist and sexual, fight against discrimination warned the government representative.

It was closed, you can testify. When you are the first EDF in France, you have to be exemplary. It is not negotiable insisted the magistrate, who expects a lot from the head of the FFF. I asked Nol Le Grat for the absolute certainty of producing all the audit reports in all versions to allow the inspectors of the General Inspection for Sport and Research to fully carry out their work. she grabbed.

Zero tolerance

Ouda-Casta assured that no more discrepancies will be tolerated. I started this research on the piloting and management of the FFF. You have to keep a cool head and have a method. We will respect each of the steps for which I set the framework. They are investigations of charges and discharges, with absolute transparency on all the available elements. I also worked with my services to see what had come up in these investigations, to find out what had or had not been reported to the Minister. This Federation must have better control of the issue because there must be zero tolerance AOC continued.

I will not go into the nominal details of the cases. Everything that is known to the Minister of Sports will be treated with the greatest diligence possible. We have come a long way in the last two years at the Ministry of Sports. Notification and processing times must be respected. You need a culture that evolves. The federations are exemplary, as in tennis and handball. I can’t deal with a finger snap. We are doing the work. Today I will not impeach the president based on an article added the 44-year-old woman.

Solidarity with Pogba and Hamraoui

The matter of Paul Pogba, who experienced a new turning point on Friday, was also mentioned. There is an ongoing investigation. It is full of twists. I want to express my solidarity with Paul Pogba. I can imagine the pain you feel. When you are an elite athlete, the question of the environment is decisive. You are exposed to good and less good influences, sometimes disastrous. When it affects your family, it’s extremely painful, especially at a time when you can’t count on football to get you through. We have to improve the situation. On the issue of entourage in the world of sport, we must act better revealed the high state official.

He also sympathized with Kheira Hamraoui. It is an issue that is the very denial of the values ​​of sport: respect for the opponent, for fair play, for a coach, for a teammate. I have a solidarity with what Kheira Hamraoui lives and what he feels. My teams were able to switch with her, I sent her a note. This case has to come to an end. I plan to join him in launching her foundation to fight cyberbullying. I want to wish you good luck and immense resilience. I wish you this possible rebound. She has to be able to start off on the right foot and we have to support her. What I want is for her to be able to rebuild herself, for her to have people who can help her. we will be by your side , concluded Ouda-Cestra. there is work…

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