Fabrice Éboué talks about the rumors about his private life

Thursday, September 22, 2022, Fabrice Eboué was David Barbet’s guest on his program Telepro posted on Facebook. The comedian was consulted about his private life. The opportunity for him to return to the latest rumors that have spread on social networks on this subject.

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Fabrice Éboué is currently on stage to present his new show called good bye yesterday. guest on the show Telepro streamed on Facebook Thursday, September 22, 2022, comedian unveiled backstage his one man show. He also delivered a surprising anecdote about his past.. Thus, he revealed that he had been a porter at a Disneyland Paris hotel. A professional adventure that only lasted three weeks. In fact, he was fired after giving the wrong room to a wealthy Saudi. As compensation for his eviction, Fabrice Éboué was offered a place… for the park’s ghost train!

In social networks, there is no escape

After his interview with David Barbet, Fabrice Eboué revealed if it bothered you that your private life was revealed on social networks. “a little, honestly“, he replied. And to return to the cover of a magazine that had marked him: “with my girlfriend at the time [Amelle Chahbi, ndlr.]It was the summer that the movie Case Départ was released. […] we were on vacation, kissing and we had a double page spread in a magazine […] They had put: ‘After Case Départ, golo golo in the basement’, so a very high level of humor. In social networks, there is no escape. I’m not the most demonstrative, I don’t have a bling-bling life, it’s better to be interested to Nabilla’s life than mine“.

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In a relationship with a reality TV candidate?

In January 2022, the blogger Aqababeoriginally the Jeremstargate in 2018, he posted a photo that was widely circulated on social media. In the photo in question, Fabrice Eboué was next toAnisaa reality TV contestant seen on shows like 10 perfect couples Where Marseilles VS the rest of the world. Within Telepro, David Barbet returned to this rumor, which caused the reaction of the main interested party. “I have a life like everyone else. Later, the photos… I have friends, things etc. People should also make a difference at one time or another.“, he trusted.

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