Eliud Kipchoge ‘has no regrets’ after new world record

With a time of 2h1’09”, the Kenyan Eliud Kipchoge set a new world record this Sunday in Berlin, and even thought he could go below two hours.

“How did you live this Berlin marathon with the return of the public?
The crowd was great, it was great to be able to find the viewers after the Covid hiatus. Being all there is very positive and pushes the runners.

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Kipchoge breaks marathon world record

You said these last few days you don’t want to announce a world record attempt, why?
There was a lot of speculation (smile). He was simply talking about wanting to set the course record, a personal record, a world record. (laughs)! I am very happy and content with my time. I did my own race, if someone wants to join me and race with me, great, but the important thing is to stay focused.

“In the semifinal, when I saw the time, there was a lot of emotion, I felt good and wanted to continue”

You went very fast to semi (59’51”), was that planned?
Berlin is a special place, where you can push your limits, as we have seen in the past. So in the semifinal, when I saw the time, there was a lot of emotion, I felt good and able to continue. I was happy and I am also very happy with my final time, so I have no regrets. My preparation has been very good and I want to thank my management, my coach, my training partners, the fans, the sponsors. Everyone is important in my performance.

Can we know more about your next goals?
I am African and in Africa we hunt one rabbit at a time. There, the rabbit was Berlin! We’ll see with my coach and the whole team around me what we’re going to do, I don’t have any goals at the moment. Follow me on my social networks to know more (laughs) ! »

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