“Don’t listen to Rasmus Hojgaard”

They were definitely the group to watch. Alongside Rasmus Hojgaard, who again put together a solid scorecard (65, -6) to take a total of -15, Antoine Rozner conceded just one hit to the leader (66, -5). Before the second half of the field, the Frenchman temporarily returns to the podium: tied for second with Alexander Björk on -7 total.

“Your first French Open is going pretty well.
I feel good, I feel in my place. I really don’t feel like I’m the first. I know the route by heart, there are no surprises on this side. I think I handled the pressure and expectations around me pretty well over the last two days. I’ve been doing really good stuff for over two months, I’ll try to keep it that way.

You discover the proximity with the French public on the occasion of an Open de France, what inspires you?
It’s super nice. All my relatives are there. Gives something extra: no extra pressure, just pleasure. I had a great experience at Crans Montana last month with a huge French crowd rooting for me. I feel a bit… like home.

“I did not put myself in danger and here it is a great advantage”

Did you feel any difference compared to Thursday (69, -2)?
I made some putts that felt good, that made a difference. He played there. I only missed one green today, it was at 11 and again it was only 1m50 away. I did not put myself in danger and here is a great advantage.

When you play the role of a Rasmus Hojgaard who walks on water, is that an advantage because you get sucked in or is it quite frustrating?
A bit of both. On my first nine holes (10-18), where my putts didn’t land, I felt like we were playing exactly the same, but he beat me a shot every time, it was a bit frustrating. On the way back I had some putts that did me good. After I stayed on my side, ignore him. It’s up to me to stay focused on my part. There are still 36 holes, it’s very, very long. »

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