Donnarumma’s strong words about his ‘open wound’

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Last night, Italy gave a very nice blow by winning their “final” in their Nations League group on the grass of Hungary (2-0). A victory that allows Transalpina to access the Final Four thanks, in particular, to a great performance by Gianluigi Donnarumma. The PSG goalkeeper multiplied the spectacular saves and could only be satisfied with his performance. But after the game, the Italian goalkeeper did not hide that the injury prevents him from participating in the next World Cup in Qatar stay alive…

“It took the victory to recover the illusion, although there is no turning back and the World Cup is an open wound. Now let’s go to the Final Four and try to win it. »

Afterwards, Donnarumma returned to his quality performance, trusting in mother nature for the multiple parades made… but also still a little in his work, especially after the last mistakes in June against Germany.

“Sometimes a mistake can happen and it’s difficult for us goalkeepers. But you always have to work hard and find out where you went wrong. Unfortunately, in June I made a mistake that I shouldn’t have made. I worked on it, we discussed it with the coach. I have to work on that too: understand when you can play the ball and when you can’t. Now you have to keep going. In today’s saves, is it more instinct, technique or mother nature? I think mother nature. But now I have to keep going. So, I have to do it for all of Italy and for those who believe in me. I thank my family and my girlfriend. »

To sum up

Gianluigi Donnarumma, the PSG and Italy goalkeeper, shone last night against Hungary, which is not enough to forget a major injury. The transalpine goalkeeper does not digest the lost train for the World Cup.

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