Digital and finance: “threats or hope?”

Mistrust of digital and finance stems from the difficulty in understanding what these topics really represent as their grip on everyday life continues to grow. This is how, from the forthcoming complete digitization of administrative life to the distressing idea of ​​uncontrollable sovereign debt, the reasons for concern multiply. In the absence of an adequate pedagogy and patient explanation of reality, public opinion feeds on negative images and a need for collective protection.

the gafam and the financial markets have taken on the image of dangerous enemies to be enslaved, while the idea of ​​a sovereign retreat is gaining ground. For many, it seems clear that Europe has failed in its mission and fails to protect itself from what they see as threats. However, how can we not see in counterpoint the immense contribution of the digital and Finance for the betterment of humanity? Therefore, we owe the digital the emergence of planetary communication and information gateways, unimaginable just a few years ago, and accessible to all.

The parallelism with the arrival of the automobile is fundamental since it has brought millions of people closer together and has opened up previously isolated territories. A parallelism that does not end there, because in its beginnings, the automobile was the object of multiple oppositions and irrational arguments that they lend today (…)

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