Decaffeinated, ground or instant, which coffee is better for our hearts?

Coffee rhymes with longevity and health benefit if we are to give credence to the scientific studies, not always rigorous, that regularly appear on the subject. Coffee, consumed in moderation, does not present any risk to the health of the general population. But are all types of coffee the same? Aside from taste considerations, is it better to drink decaf or ground coffee so as not to harm your health? a study in ME’European Journal of Preventive Cardiology tracked the health impact of consuming three types of coffee : deca, ground and instant.

Coffee and cardiovascular diseases

The scientists tracked the health data, stored in theUK Biobank, of 450,000 people for about twelve years. The latter were grouped according to the nature of their coffee (decaffeinated, ground or instant) and their daily consumption, from none Bowl Plus six cups a day. During the twelve years of follow-up, the appearance of cardiovascular diseasesHeart failure and stroke were analyzed in each group, with non-coffee drinkers as the control group. After eliminating the effects of weight, tea consumption, smoking and other factors and considerations such as gender, which also influence health, the scientists calculated the incidence of cardiovascular problems for each group and identified the most virtuous coffee breaks.

Ground, instant or decaf, which coffee to prefer when monitoring your health?  © phive2015, Adobe Stock

Ground, instant or decaf, which coffee to prefer when monitoring your health? © phive2015, Adobe Stock

Coffee: is there a link to our longevity?

What kind of coffee for our health?

According to their results, the incidence ofcardiac arrhythmia it is lower in people who drink two or three cups of coffee a day, as is coronary heart disease. The global incidence of all cardiovascular diseases combined is lower in people who drink a maximum of five coffees a…

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