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The death of Roland Marci played by Michel Cordes in Plus belle la vie is confirmed. In October 2022, viewers will have to mourn the patriarch. Explanations about the death of Roland, Kylian’s father, François and Thomas.

roland pblv

Roland is over: his death announced in Plus belle la vie

the announcement of the stop plus belle la vie rocked the stage of the France 3 soap opera as The story of the fugitives (with the return of Pavel, Djawad, Agathe…) as well as a drama that will affect the mistral: the death of roland marci.

Roland’s death within more beautiful life The truth is that the actor Michel Cordes, who plays this character since the beginning of the series, will say goodbye to him.

Roland PBLV

Roland took Kylian under his wing, the son he discovered late

Guillaume Desouhant dialogist More beautiful life explained in an interview to “We can tell, he was the patriarchal figure both on set and in the series. (…) Roland’s image is superimposed on that of the Mistral, which in turn is superimposed on the PBLV telenovela. We couldn’t end the series by leaving it hanging. But there was a kind of logic in making this character die, even if he is heartbreaking. The positive point of Roland’s departure is that we are promised a good death.

Mirta and Rolando

Roland and Mirta when they were in love

Little reminder of who is the actor Michel Cordes?

Michel Cordes is 76 years old, has a singing accent and is delighted more beautiful life for 18 years (although for some time he was present only punctually for dedicated intrigues). Previously, we could see him in the cinema in successful feature films such as The hussar on the roof by Jean-Paul Rappeneau a matter of taste by Bernard Rapp, the film Didier by Alain Chabat or Sous le sable by François Ozaon in 2000. Michel Cordes is passionate about theater and sculpture.
To your fabrics 😉 it has only just begun… what will happen to it last bonus plus belle la vie on November 18, 2022.

Roland PBLV

Roland with François and Thomas his sons

Guillaume Desouhant is positive about the ending of Plus belle la vie and the way it ends: “Today we are closing a door, in a way, but it was important to tell us that we could reopen it, especially if the series is resold or if there is a spin-off For us, theThe characters have an end but there can be a continuation.. So we wanted to leave that hope to the viewers. »

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