Death of Jean-Pierre Pernaut: “Of post-mortem jealousy”, Nathalie Marquay settles scores with Jacques Legros

While Jean-Pierre Pernaut dies on March 2, his wife, Nathalie Marquay, multiplies the notable outings. This time, it is with TF1 prankster Jacques Le Gros that she settles the score with him.

You must not touch her husband! On Virgin Radio this Tuesday, November 27, Nathalie Marquay expressed her anger at Jacques Legros, Jean-Pierre Pernaut’s former replacement on the 1 pm newscast.

how do you remember Here it is, the TF1 prankster had addressed the latter in his book Behind the Screen: 40 Years at the Heart of the Media. “He wanted to keep the limelight and asked the team for more than was necessary, he said in particular. He wanted more and more to take control of the entire newspaper. I was starting to boil inside, until one day I snapped, gathered my stuff and headed back to the parking lot and my car. Since he wanted to do the newspaper for me, let him come and do it!”

“I’m completely blown away!”

An anecdote not to the taste of Nathalie Marquay who expressed her feelings on the air. “I was completely blown away and above all Mr. Jacques Legros forgets that I was just his prankster,” she declared. She allows herself to complain that at that moment JP wanted to control the contents of the diary. But who, for more than thirty years, has set the tone for 1:00 p.m. and to whom have the audience results been attributed?

Jean-Pierre Pernaut’s wife also mentioned “bitches” by Jacques Legros. “During the lockdown, Jean-Pierre had to have 15 minutes of airtime. And each time, Jacques Legros would make longer and longer tracks. Towards the end he only had six minutes of airtime left.”

And Nathalie Marquay concludes: “It sounds like post-mortem jealousy. What a lack of respect for our grieving family. I really ask myself the question: why this unboxing to sell this book? Fortunately, JP is no longer there. And frankly it is better , because we would have gotten a scare. Indeed they were not friends, but JP respected him a lot as a colleague, and often defended him with TF1.

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