Death of Charlotte Valandrey: the unexpected announcement of her daughter Tara more than two months after her death

Charlotte Valandrey died on July 13, 2022. Two months after her death, her daughter Tara made an announcement that should unite fans of the actress.

Two months ago, Charlotte Valandrey would die at the age of 53, after receiving a heart transplant for the second time. An operation to which the actress, who had been facing health problems for many years, had not survived. This disappearance had deeply hurt many fans of the actress but also her relatives, starting with his only daughter, Tara, born in 1999 from their union Arthur Lecaisne. The latter has just made an announcement, two months after the death of her mother, according to what she has reported pure peopleThis Friday, September 23. A public tribute will be paid on Thursday, October 6, 2022 in Paris who played Laurence Moiret in tomorrow belongs to us. This celebration will take place in the Saint-François-Xavier church in the 7th arrondissement of Paris. Those present will have the opportunity to “make a donation for the French Federation of Cardiology at the entrance of the church”. It is also specified that a “Homage book will be offered”.

The funeral of the actress had taken place, in privacy, on July 19, in Pléneuf-Val-André, a town in Brittany where he spent his holidays and which had also inspired his artist name. Tara spoke during the celebration to pay an emotional tribute to her mother: “He is the strongest person I know, with the greatest desire to live. His freedom has been given to him at last, his fight is finally over.” It must be said that the one that the general public had discovered in particular in the series Les Cordiers, judge and policeman He had not been spared the penalties. At the age of 17, Charlotte Valandrey had been diagnosed with HIV. The AIDS virus was transmitted to her by a man, a member of a well-known rock band, whom the actress nicknamed the “gothic prince”. But he will never publicly reveal his identity. “I will never say who it was, she had declared in the columns of france sunday, would have problems”. He also confided in me that he had no “forgiven in five minutes, but over time I had no choice but to forgive himon the France Info antenna.

Charlotte Valandrey dies after second heart transplant

Weakened by years of AIDS treatment, Charlotte Valandrey two heart attacks in the early 2000s. In 2003, he underwent a first heart transplant. “Much more than HIV, which I have never directly suffered from, the heart transplant marked my body and turned my life upside downexplained in his book entitled of unknown heartpublished in 2011. Last May, as her health deteriorated, the actress had to be hospitalized in intensive care waiting for a second transplant.My heart has come to an end and that is why I am waiting for what will be my third heart. It can happen at any time. I need all your positive vibes. From love, from kindness, from your prayers. Because the warrior is less of a warrior”, he wrote on his Instagram account on June 8. A hospitalization during which she was able to count on the support of her father, Jean-Pierre, and her daughter, Tara. His agent and lifelong friend of hers, Dominique BesnehardI also visited him regularly. On June 14, he announced to his subscribers that his new heart had arrived. “and it was about time”, she added. But after the operation, the state of health of Charlotte Valandrey remained very critical. The latter had also given an instruction to her relatives: “I don’t want to get hooked. I wish my heart would race again”is reported in the columns of paris party. In fact, Charlotte Valandrey would have indicated to her family that she did not want “of therapeutic implacability if the transplant was not carried out”Cathy, a friend of the actress in the weekly, had reported. she was ready for “join his mother”Anne-Marie, deceased. Unfortunately, the actress did not survive the aftermath of the operation.

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