David Beckham in single file, maybe that’s a detail for you…

David Beckham, in London, on September 16.

in time for the

Twelve hours, four hours or a few minutes? September 16, like photos of David Beckham lining up to go pick up in front of the remains of the late Queen Elizabeth II, in Westminster HallIt began to circulate on social networks, speculations multiplied, with great stopwatch blows and conspiracy theories. How long had she really waited? Had he prepared his little staff for him? And then what manipulation was hidden behind all this? We knew little, we talked a lot.

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pans on the head

What we know for sure is that the former footballer That day, he wore an eight-sided cap, which was perhaps not entirely coincidental. Characterized by its puffy cut, button top and short visor, this cap will be forever linked to the royal family. In 1571, Queen Elizabeth I, seeking to stimulate the wool trade throughout her kingdom, passed a law that required all men in the kingdom over the age of 6, excluding the nobility, to wear this type of wool headdress Sundays. At that time, violators were even fined.

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in case of failure

What we also know, with supporting evidence, is that David Beckham used a
parasol. In this case, the Londoner by birth had opted for a long one-piece model with a worked chestnut wood handle. An excellent option to protect yourself from the rain or to rest during a long walk, or even to give credibility to a communication operation consisting of making believe that you have waited elegantly for long hours to collect your thoughts in front of you. a coffin. We let you decide.

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On the progress

This umbrella and its handle allow us in any case to observe David Beckham’s hands and verify that they do not lack tattoos. In the lot, there is in particular a great classic. Thus, for a long time, sailors have tattooed swallows on their bodies, because they are the first birds to be seen when approaching the coast. Additionally, swallows are famous for being stable birds, able to find their way back to their nesting area each year. Which is still, after all, the primary goal of every good sailor.

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ball with helmet

Finally, how not to raise the hats worn by the police officers flanking the star? Inspired by the spiked helmet worn by soldiers in the Prussian Army, the custodian helmet it was introduced to the British police force in 1863. Despite attempts over decades to replace it with less conspicuous caps, it remains the official headgear of fools. Note in passing that allcustodian helmets They are manufactured in the country by four approved suppliers and each piece requires thirty minutes of work, stopwatch in hand. Unless they’re lying to us there too.

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