Dance with the stars: a third couple leaves the adventure, the competition was too tough for this couple

Once again it is an exceptional evening that TF1 has offered this Friday, September 23. a new show of dancing with the stars 2022 was broadcast. During the launch, six couples were revealed and it was David Douillet and his partner Katrina Patchett (who was making her big comeback this season) who were eliminated from the adventure. Then, at the end of the bonus, during which the last six couples walked the court, it was Théo Fernandez and Alizée Bois who left the competition. Therefore, there are now ten who hope to win the coveted trophy and, for the first time, they all meet live.

It was a somewhat terrifying evening ahead for Billy Crawford, Florent Peyre, Stéphane Legar, Thomas Da Costa, Clémence Castel, Léa Elui, Amandine Petit, Eva, Anggun and Clara Lazzari. Indeed, the competition has taken a new turn with a formidable test, that of the duels. One duo faced another and only the winner had the chance to qualify for the rest of the competition. The others went directly face to face.

These are the couples who faced each other

Lea Elui and Christophe Licata faced Thomas DaCosta and Elsa Bois. After a rumba for the first duo and a waltz for the second, it is finally Léa Elui and Christophe Licata. who came face to face. Thomas Da Costa managed to convince the judges.

Carla Lazzari and Pierre Mauduy faced Amandine Petit and Anthony Colette. After a jive for the first duo and a samba for the second, it’s finally Amandine Petit and Anthony Colette who came face to face. Carla Lazzari’s precocity impressed the jury.

Stephane Legar and Calisson Goasdoue faced Billy Crawford and Fauve Hautot. The two couples performed in a contemporary dance. And finally it was Stéphane Legar and Calisson Goasdoué who faced each other. Billy Crawford seduced Chris Marques and his gang with his sensitivity.

Florent Peyre and Ines Vandamme faced Anggun and Adrien Caby. After an Argentinian tango for the first duo and a smooth American for the second, it was finally Anggun and Adrien Caby who came face to face. The charisma and presence of Florent Peyre convinced the jury.

Clemence Castel and Candice Pascal faced Eva and Jordan Mouillerac. They decided on an Argentine tango. And finally it was Clémence Castel and Candice Pascal who faced each other. Eva amazed the jury with her progress since her last performance.

Head to head and elimination

Either Billy Crawford and Fauve Hautot shone on the pitch this week, Lea Elui and Christophe Licata, Amandine Petit and Anthony Colette, Stephane Legar and Calisson Goasdoué, Anggun and Adrien Caby as much as Clemence Castel and Candice Pascal Less convinced were the jurors Chris Marques, Bilal Hassani, François Alu and Marie-Agnès Gillot. Thus they met face to face. The duos took turns dancing the same title and it was the audience present in the room who could only save one by voting. In the end, these are Clemence Castel and Candice Pascal who were eliminated from the competition this week. A real disappointment for the first 100% female duo since the creation of the show. See you next week for the rest of the show!

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