Clotilde Courau, her stressful marriage to Emmanuel Philibert of Savoy: what she wanted to impose…

Not everyone gets married in a foreign country, in a gigantic basilica and in the presence of 2,000 guests, including many crowned heads. This is what Clotilde Courau experienced when she was 34 years old. Something to impress, stress and even transfix a young bride.

But as the mother of Princess Vittoria of Savoy (18) and Princess Luisa (16) had revealed, it was not so much the world present at their wedding or their grand appearance that was frightening. She, accustomed to memorizing texts for the cinema and the theater, had to pronounce her vows that day. In itself, don’t worry as she has often exercised her memory. But marrying an Italian prince and getting married in Rome – she was wearing a sublime Valentino gown and a crown set with precious stones – had to be done in Italian. Something that seemed very complicated.

In addition, he did his best to pronounce them in French. “I didn’t speak Italian. Before we had an appointment with a bishop and I tried to convince him that since we are in Europe, it would be good if he did it in French and Emmanuel in Italian. Obviously it didn’t work. They told me that there was no history of Europe, that we were in Italy. It’s a language I didn’t know“, he had explained to Nikos Aliagas in his program 50′ inside. There is no need to imagine how much he had to rehearse in order not to make a mistake.

Since then, the stress has subsided, the couple had two gorgeous daughters, and they are still married. And for them happiness comes from living apart. “Is love being together all the time? To love is to think of the other when we are far away and to be happy when we are together. We go through, like all couples, ups and downs. But we managed to find a listening ear and a real dialogue between us. A direct talk. With Clotilde we tell each other everything“, the prince had declared to Gala. The actress lives most of the time in Paris and he between Monte Carlo and Los Angeles. And even if they don’t sleep in the same bed every night, they are always there for each other.

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