Charlotte Casiraghi bows to Gad Elmaleh, requirement met at dog show

To avoid a conflict with Gad Elmaleh, the father of her eldest son, Charlotte Casiraghi, would have made a big decision. No more exposing her son.

This weekend, the Gucci muse made a prominent appearance not only with her mother, Caroline of Monaco, but also with her second son Balthazar, born to her marriage to producer Dimitri Rassam, on the occasion of the dog show in Monaco, as happened last year.

Mélanie-Antoinette de Massy, ​​a cousin of Princess Caroline of Monaco, was present.

Raphaël, the son that Charlotte Casiraghi had by her relationship with Gad Elmalehwas not seen at the scene.

It would be a joint decision of the parents. According to the magazine Here, the comedian would refuse to let his son be exploited as I was in an equestrian competition.

That day, little Raphaël, dressed in a smart striped shirt and blue ensemble, was standing “next to his mother and grandmother, Caroline of Monaco.”
This release would not have been appreciated by Gad Elmaleh, who, according to the weekly, would not have supported this “brutal and media exposure of his son”.

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