Capucine Anav: Her Marriage to Victor Engaged, Details Revealed

nasturtium anav it is in a small cloud. The 31-year-old is currently pregnant with her first child, the result of her love relationship with Víctor. And last February, the couple got engaged and planned to marry in the summer of 2023. But their plans were turned upside down.

Six and a half months have passed since the former candidate for secret story (season 6, in 2012) brings life. She and Victor are expecting a girl who will respond to the sweet name of Lola. and she has”wishing to give birth“As he confided to our colleagues from tv magazine. “Compared to other women’s experiences and the testimonials I’ve heard, I tell myself I’m lucky because I don’t have too many unpleasant symptoms. I had some nausea, it’s not easy every day but overall I’m having a good pregnancy. The deadline is the end of November or the beginning of December. I would like to give birth in Lyon with my family and friends, away from the stress of Paris“, revealed Capucine Anav.

The young woman then praised Víctor, a man who inspires confidence and who, she is sure, will be a good father. In addition, she fell in love with the wealth manager of Predictis. It is for these reasons in particular that she is sure that he is the man of her life. So, when he proposed to her during a trip to the Maldives, she replied “yes” and wasted no time in revealing her XXL ring. Originally the lovebirds they hoped to marry in July 2023.”But, as our daughter will be born at the end of the year, things can turn upside down. I want to enjoy every moment so much that I want to do it well. I am awaiting the arrival of the little one to consider the rest.“He confessed during his interview.

The truth is that Capucine Anav will organize a princess wedding. “It will be 300 or 400 guests! It is a moment that will only happen once in our lives and that I have been thinking about since I was little. I want the princess outfit, the same Kate Middleton dress, the total“, he had confided to the bride-to-be paris party.

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