Called “an imbecile who is not a model of intelligence” by Cyril Hanouna, Jean-Paul Rouve finally comes out of the silence!

Cyril Hanouna does not carry Jean-Paul Rouve in his heart and does not hide it. An enmity linked to a means of communication that remained in the throat of the multitude of don’t touch my post in C8. the head of TPMP He did not appreciate that the actor openly criticized his program in an interview granted in 2020 to paris party. “ I don’t want to report, I don’t care. Parodying Hanouna is too easy. Am I going to show that this is the zero degree of culture? And then ? What I like is that it’s subtle, otherwise we’re doing uninteresting sketches, like there are tons of them on YouTube. “, explained at the time the former member of the Robins des Bois troop.

Two years later, Cyril Hanouna has not turned a page and he showed it a few days ago in TPMP. “ Let me start doing it again The Tuches, don’t piss us off, what an asshole this is (…) Last time he shot me in Paris Match or whatever, so I called him. I said, ‘Do you have a problem?’ He told me: ‘no, I don’t love you’, and then he gave me a cartridge. Regardless, he’s going to be hot when he meets him. He is dumb as a b*te (…) he is not a model of intelligence ”released last Monday, going back to the fact that the actor found “ not important » having to lower the heating by one degree this winter due to the energy crisis. “ i can’t blame him “, confirmed Cyril Hanoua a few days later in TPMP.

Despite these violent insults, Jean-Paul Rouve has remained silent for several days. It’s only Monday, on the show the original band presented by Nagui on France Inter, who responded – in his own way – to the presenter of the TPMP. ” It’s just in a way, because I don’t answer myself… I’m not too interested… I don’t know how to tell you. I don’t understand what this is for. Then maybe I’ll answer, but I don’t have time there. I actually work. Not much else to answer. dont have much sense “, he trusted.

Clara Kolodny

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