Brad Stevens, excited, confirms the sanction to Udoka

The Boston Celtics had to break their silence after the suspension ofi’m udoka for a year this week. Brad Stevensthe General Manager, and Wyc GrousbeckThe holder, therefore, appeared before the press on Friday, to try to make things clear. Inevitably, questions arose as to why the Celtics were so harsh on an issue that, at first glance, didn’t appear to require such a suspension.

For the two bosses of the franchise, the decision was well thought out, logical and immutable. Brad Stevens was very moved and even on the verge of tears when talking about the implications for Celtics employees. No details have been provided on the exact nature of the charges against Udoka, which will not fail to make people react.

Wyc Grousbeck : “We don’t plan to talk about this in detail. I can only tell you that there have been several rule violations. Personally, I think this is justified and appropriate, backed by substantial research, evidence and facts, so I stand by it.” decision. […]

It seemed fair, but there are no set guidelines for any of this. I was at the origin of this choice and I made the decision based on my instinct and my experience.”

Brad Stevens: “It is a very hard moment, but it has been a long process. What I can say is that we have talented women in this franchise. Yesterday was a tough day for them (contains their No one can control the speculation on Twitter, but I think we have a responsibility to support the female staff whose names were mentioned, because so many people have been unfairly implicated in this story. […]

Joe Mazzulla, who will replace Ime Udoka, is an exceptionally resourceful and talented person. I firmly believe in him and in his leadership ability. […] I have absolutely no plans to return to training.”

Therefore, we will not know more about what led Boston to penalize Ime Udoka in this way. Simply that what he is accused of is serious enough in relation to internal regulations to justify this decision.

* Comments transmitted and translated by Benjamin Moubèche

Ime Udoka suspended and possibly fired, but what happened?

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