Brad Pitt launches a French cosmetics brand

The brand called Le Domaine is made in Provence and launched by American comedian Brad Pitt in association with his winegrowing partners Famille Perrin.

Impossible not to think of “The Curious Case of Benjamin Button”, David Fincher’s film released in 2008 in which Brad Pitt played a character afflicted with an amazing disease that had the effect of making him live his life upside down. He was born old at the beginning of the film, crippled by pain and rheumatism, and would die looking like a baby. This big-budget Hollywood movie, based on a Fitzgerald short story, took full advantage of the youthful looks of Brad Pitt, who was already 45 when filmed, but could easily play a 16-year-old in particular.

The actor has long used all the tricks offered by the art of makeup and the most advanced dermatology. It’s quite normal, it’s the rule in the performing arts. Some Hollywood actors have even been known to resort to cosmetic surgery too often. But close to turning 59, the interpreter of Fight Club has decided, in her fight against the effects of time, to embark on natural cosmetics. It is a range of products made exclusively with natural ingredients. It’s called The Domain.

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With which, in addition to a rosé champagne cuvée, Fleur de Miraval, the actor now presents a range of four “care products”: a serum, a cream, a fluid cream and a cleansing emulsion. All of these products are “vegan, gender neutral and suitable for all skin types. They are made with active ingredients from the Château de Beaucastel vineyard, owned by the Perrin Family on the Côte du Rhône.

The recipes were established thanks to the research of two French scientists. It is Professor Pierre-Louis Teissedre, from the University of Bordeaux, who characterized the 13 grape varieties used in Beaucastel to identify an association that allows obtaining their most powerful antioxidant effects. The result is a patented active compound called “GSM10”.

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