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By replacing the first generation of DS4born Citroen DS4, with a new one at the end of last year, the young French premium brand hit the mark. Quite beautiful, well finished, technological and, above all, no longer taking up the interior of a Citroën C4, but offering a real personality, this second generation is selling quite well, at least in France, where it finally meets its public.

Still based on a platform from the Stellantis group, the DS4 It dresses it with a bodywork with a quite differentiating and statutory style. But without pouring in too much bling-bling or an overabundance of chrome. It is dynamic and generally very popular. Only daytime running lights can make me a little have you seen…

In terms of performance, it does so much better than the previous generation and no longer usurps premium compact sedan status. It is, for example, much better finished than a audi a3. The design, the noble materials (leather, aluminum, real wood), and the high-tech equipment (LED light arrays, enlarged color head-up display, acoustic windshield, rear traffic detection, advanced voice recognition, smartphone connectivity , etc.) make it a true high-end car.

Along the way, you benefit from the qualities of the EMP3V3 platform. Driving is therefore quite dynamic while maintaining a remarkable level of comfort. Only the performance is a bit behind, especially in the more powerful versions.

In short, in short, this DS is up to the task, although the champions of the “German premium” lament engines more noble than a “simple” 1.6 4-cylinder… But it is also sold quite expensive, it has to be said Its arrival at the second-hand market therefore gives hope of being able to do a good deal. But let’s see where we can find copies for sale.

Pre-Owned DS 4: Supply Chains

As is often the case with recent second-hand cars, the main suppliers are the brand’s dealers, who resell their demo or management vehicles.

And, in fact, individual resellers can be counted on the fingers of one hand, they represent less than 3% of the advertising offer.

The remaining 97% are advertised on the most popular sites, which are Central and the right corner. These two sites bring together the bulk of the offering, currently a little over 300 models looking to find buyers (considering the inevitable duplicates found on both sites).

The Stellantis group also has a DS-specific pre-owned label: DS Certified, well separate from the “Spoticar” label used for most other brands in the group.

Therefore, you can also find ads on the dedicated site:[0][model]=ds%204

There is no longer a site dedicated to the employees of the Stellantis group, therefore ex-PSA, since the end of last year.

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