Amélie Oudéa-Castera wants an “exemplary” FFF against violence

The Minister of Sports and Olympic and Paralympic Games, Amélie Oudéa-Castera, called on the French Football Federation to be “exemplary” in dealing with violence, in particular sexual violence, after having launched an investigation following articles about internal malfunctions.

“When you are the first Fed of France, you have to be exemplary, it is not negotiable”The Minister of Sports and Olympic and Paralympic Games, Amélie Oudéa-Castera, warned on Friday about the cases that poison French football.

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Why FFF research could change everything for Noël Le Graët

The Minister announced at the end of last week the launch of an audit of the FFF following, in particular, an article in So Foot, published on September 8, which evoked, based on anonymous testimonies, the sending of SMS of sexual nature to employees of the Federation by President Noël Le Graët, who flatly denied.

“The letter of commitment is being finalized. This mission will be carried out with the necessary speed. I insisted on absolute respect for people, fight against all forms of violence, sexist and sexual, fight against discrimination. He was firm, (Noël Le Graët and his general manager Florence Hardouin) will be able to testify to this.he said Friday on BFM TV.

“Solidarity” with Hamraoui and Paul Pogba

“I asked Noël Le Graët for the absolute certainty of producing all the audit reports in all versions to allow the inspectors of the General Inspection for Sport and Research to fully carry out their work”she added.

“These are incriminating and exculpatory investigations, with absolute transparency about all the available elements. I also worked with my services to see what had come up in these investigations, to find out what had or had not been reported to the ministry. It is necessary that this Federation take better advantage of the issue because there must be zero tolerance. »

Referring to the other cases that disturb the life of French football and the Blues – Hamraoui, Pogba – said the minister “solidarity” towards the PSG player, the victim of a violent attack almost a year ago, and the Juventus player, at the center of an investigation to determine if he was the target of an extortion attempt.

“We need to have a sport that has cleaned up a little bit of a certain number of dysfunctions, said the minister, encompassing all recent issues. LWe want to eradicate the issue of violence in sport. This also applies to sexual violence, violence in stadiums. »

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