“A heartbreak”: Death of a character in Plus belle la vie, a screenwriter justifies this choice

On November 18, the grand finale of more beautiful life It will be broadcast on France 3. An ending that promises to be “incredible” in view of the first information to better celebrate the cult and popular show that has lived eighteen beautiful and long years.

Emotion, it will necessarily be a question, and even long before the final episode. And rightly so, an essential character present from the first moment. will die very soon. Is about roland mark (played by Michel Cordes). The latter, therefore, will not participate in the farewell to the series and a screenwriter, Pauline Rocafull, explains it a bit during an interview for captaincinemaxx.

I salute the immense actor that he is miguel cordes. He was a pillar of the soap opera, a real dad. We can say it, he was the patriarchal figure of both the twist and the series. Over the years, we have worked a lot on it, we have twisted it and we have put it in untenable situations with François, Thomas or Kilian. Roland’s image is superimposed on the Mistral, which in turn is superimposed on the soap opera more beautiful life. We couldn’t end the series by leaving it hanging. But there was kind of a logic in making this character die, even if it’s heartbreaking“, announced. Pauline Rocafull still wants to reassure: “Don’t worry though, will have what is called a ‘beautiful death“Roland Marci’s disappearance is expected in the coming weeks…

However, fans of the series more or less expected this new scare. A few days ago, a most intriguing photo toured the Web. about the picture, a black and white portrait of roland mark appeared at a table in the Mistral bar in the manner ofa tribute or maybe even a funeral. Furthermore, a fan account explained that the Marci clan had been several days”dressed in black suits and dark outfits“.

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