3 cryptocurrencies to buy now and keep forever!

At that time, the main cryptocurrency, the bitcoin (BTC 0.99%), it went from $19,500 to $6,700 per coin in the space of seven weeks. This was a 64% drop.

But this time it is very different. Digital currencies are on their way to endowing a robust and widely adopted regulatory framework. Therefore, it would be wise to buy the best cryptocurrencies during sharp declines, such as the one we are currently seeing.

Read on to find out why Bitcoin, theEthereal (ETH -0.99%) and the Moles (DOT 1.16%) are the first names on this list of long-term winners. These are the ones to pick up at temporary lows and then hold with diamond hands.

Hit first, hit hard

I’m not trying to surprise you. The idea is to select the most stable cryptocurrencies in a long-term perspective. All three of these tokens have the advantage of being first movers on their respective domains, which is no mean feat, especially for bitcoin.

Yes, there are a lot CRYPTOCURRENCIES who share Bitcoin’s vision of providing a means of digital payment and storage of value to compete with the dollar and euro. More le meilleur moyen d’y parvenir est de creer une seule monnaie numérique – et non plusieurs dizaines d’options avec des paramètres de conception légèrement différents – qui soit prize au sérieux par les consommateurs, les détaillants, les banks et les other manipulaurs d ‘money.

Despite all its technical flaws, bitcoin has always been an alternative to cash. It is the first token retailers turn to when considering the future of cryptocurrency payments. It’s what companies like Block and Tesla write down on their balance sheets, replacing some of their cash reserves. And while startups have been gaining market share over the last five years, bitcoin still accounts for 41% of the market capitalization of the cryptocurrency industry as a whole:

Within 5 or 6 hours, the number of bitcoins issued by the Blockchain since its launch will exceed the figure of 19,000,000 units for the first time. #bitcoin

Bitcoin is the cryptocurrency most obvious to buy now and save forever. But wait, there’s more!

Smart contracts and flexible technology

One of the two main uses of cryptocurrencies is money transfer and value storage. The other is smart contracts, which use digital tokens to set up and manage an incredible array of cutting-edge products and services.

No smart contracts, no non-fungible tokens and no decentralized financial services. They can add another layer of security to a cryptocurrency transaction or include additional data to the current transaction. These contracts may eventually form the basis of next-generation voting systems, manage our health records, or automatically settle our claims.

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It’s a powerful idea that can save you money in the long run. Here, the value of smart contract tokens comes from their advanced features and real-world utility.

You know the early riser who caught this worm as Ethereum. Projects using this blockchain and its tokens make up the vast majority of all smart contract applications and services today. According to Status of the dAppsa site that tracks the market for decentralized applications (dApps), Ethereum-based dApps represent 1977 of 2775 applications of smart contracts.

A programming platform containing 71% of the total market it is not easily replaceable, although some of Ethereum’s rivals offer faster execution and other benefits.

And the Ethereum project is not exactly stopped. Developers are constantly modifying the code of the blockchain network behind the scenes, in preparation for the highly anticipated release of Ethereum 2.0 in early 2022. Less energy-consuming proof-of-stake and makes the entire system more secure. This willingness to recognize and fix glitches on the fly ensures that Ethereum has a long and healthy future in an ever-changing market.

Earn bigger profits with smaller cryptocurrencies

And let’s not forget the not-so-secret card up our sleeve. Moles it is the 11th largest cryptocurrency by market cap, valued at 5.6% of the total value of Ethereum or 2.8% of Bitcoin. Polkadot’s vision is to connect various blockchain networks to form an interconnected system that is much more powerful than the sum of its parts.

Similarly, applications built on Polkadot can sift through the entire cryptocurrency market to find the best-performing networks for a specific task, and then combine several to get an even more powerful end product. Polkadot makes it easy with the added help of crowdfunding processes and a thriving community of developers.

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